Kinghome co-packing services can save your time and money
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           Are you still wasting time coordinating with suppliers?

Are you still spending more than you should for packaging domestically?

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Kinghome has a solution for you!

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Our Co-packing solution can solve all of the problems above.

Kinghome Co-packing Services Introduction

1.Kit Packing

The first co-packing services “Kit Packing”, Kit Packing is the process of taking any number of SKUs and combining them into one package, which reduces your pick and pack costs. We also integrate your suppliers to shorten 45% supply chain response time.

At Kinghome, we keep our Kit Packing Service versatile because we aimed to accommodate your business’s unique needs.

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2.Display Loading

The second co-packing services “Display Loading”. Kinghome has professional experiences in producing and assembling displays for over 30 years. We follow the packing guidelines from major retail stores, such as Walmart and Costco.

Do the service in Kinghome warehouse can help you save

51% OFF Warehouse Cost 75% OFF Labor Cost

 Intelligent Logistic Plan

Even if you have different markets and product kits, in our co-packing services, we would design the fitting carton sizes for your shipment. With 3D illustration, KINGHOME optimizes the container space to reduce packaging waste and freight costs.

Kinghome optimizes the container space to reduce packaging waste and freight costs

A Lot of Warehouses

We are able to consolidate your goods in either our factories or our warehouses in FTZ (Free Trade Zone). Based on the locations of your supplier, we will tailor our service accordingly.

We are having warehouses in Dongguan, Wenzhou, and also in Shanghai Free Trade Zone to help you do the logistics integration.


With 30 years co-packing service experience of serving clients from 35 different countries and handling more than 45 million products’ packaging, Kinghome has a wealth of expertise in Co-Packing Services.


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