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 Innovative Packaging Design Services

Our in-house design and engineering team is always looking for new techniques, innovative materials, and long-term solutions. We stay current on market trends in order to create the most innovative products.

Because of our active forecasting and love of design, our creative and gifted graphic designers and product engineers are always up to date when it comes to innovations and trends. Our designers are capable of translating abstract trends into outstanding packaging concepts for all price points.

Design- Graphic design

Graphic Design

Package design is unique in that it allows you to work with a variety of materials, including paper and plastic. We encourage our consumers to go outside the box and come up with original ideas.

The design concept must not only capture a customer’s attention, but also provide information about the product. Our packaging graphic design team specializes in designing eye-catching designs that meet your needs and complement your brand’s style.

Our graphic designers work with your “in-house designer” to come up with the best graphic solutions to represent your product. We can extend your style guide to packaging collateral such as insets, bags & pouches, boxes, stickers, and booklets …etc.

Structural Design

Our structural design team focuses on innovative solutions, such as displays and retail packaging, that result in lower costs or higher sales.

Our structural design team creates interest solutions ranging from simple to complicated multi-component packages to e-commerce solutions and POP displays.

We always develop realistic designs. Efficiency and long-term sustainability are always at the core of the concept. We evaluate a product’s environmental footprint, look into alternative materials, and aim to limit usage of plastic.

design-structural design
design-structural design
design-structural design
04.Design- Sampling


Are you concerned about the strength or material quality of your packaging?
Do you want to be certain that your current board layout is the best option?

Just before to order confirmation, our testing experts will create a prototype for your packaging in order to determine the best way to improve your package design.

We experiment to achieve the ideal color, surface, and finish by first creating a mock-up that embodies the design vision. We assist in identifying opportunities, comparing options, and even meeting finished production needs for small runs. Our prototyping services include embossing, finishes, and a wide range of surfaces.

Sustainable packaging design

As a printing and packaging company, Kinghome has over 30-year experience in producing packaging. Aware of the pollution closely connected to packaging industry, we are committed to contributing to the industry and developing many more sustainable packaging material alternatives.

KINGHOME’s makeup brush packaging design ReForm has been awarded with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021.

While keeping sustainability in mind, functions cannot be overlooked. The packaging could effectively provide intact protection and create the second life of packaging; that is, a simple transformation from a portable outer box to a display for brushes.

05.Design- Sustainable