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2021.03 – KH Pack Brand New Office

KH Pack’s CEO Robin Wu has great confidence in “Interaction and Communication” being held as the priority in Kinghome’s Team. With this belief, Robin made the decision to renovate the working environment in 2020.

In the past few years, Kingdom put much emphasis on teamwork, dividing a big organization into several small units and each team member is responsible for one specific profession. Robin firmly believes that in order to advance into a great field, Kinghome has to improve since only when we are ready to have every team member master in the industry, are we able to develop towards a better direction. The success and achievement in recent years are the convincing results of the right decision.

Seeing the more mature company’s structures and more solid teamwork have brought about the uplifting outcome, we start to wonder, in addition to organizational change, is it possible to generate more sparks between teams through cooperation?


KH Pack – Closed to Open

When contemplating to design greater teamwork between professions, we learned that the original hardware equipment cannot help to support our vision. The previously closed office provides bigger and more personal space, but it also limits the individual to work in their own space without working with others. Our goal is to transform both the working habits and the environment. Through public space and appliances in the open office, we hope to increase the chances of having every member in the different departments work together.

In the working area, we have designed a bright and spacious office. Compared with the old office, everyone owns a smaller space now; however, getting closer to colleagues can increase the chances of collaboration and discussion and improve the working efficiency and output.

In addition, the public area is designed into a large working space, where employees can freely use the bar area, dining table and open conference space. In the versatile working space, employees can enjoy dining and exchanging thoughts, bringing everyone to get together and knowing more of each other besides work.


KH Pack – The Happier, the Better 

NEWS-brand-new officeMeanwhile, we have reinforced the administration department, doubled as the Welfare Committee, so as to bring out more laughter from the employees. Apart from providing desserts and beverages, more lively decorations and plants have been added to the interior designs. Seeing the artificial planted wall combined with plants can increase the comfort in the office and help the employees relax during the break.

Various books and magazines, from finance to travel, are free for everyone to read. We wish the office to be more than just a working space. Instead, the office could serve as the area where our employees can broaden their horizons besides work.

It is our core belief that the best values of a company come from each one of our beloved employees. When everyone connects to each other, it will bring out the greatest positive results. As a result of COVID-19, we must stay away from each other, keeping the social distance. Nevertheless, Kinghome sets out to bring everyone closer through the brand-new working environment and atmosphere.


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