• Item #
  • Dimension
  • Printing
    K+Pantone (Customized)
  • Material
    recycled grey cardboard + kraft paper
  • Coating
Makeup Brush Round Case


Makeup Brush Round Case

  • In addition to opting for the kraft paper as the material, functionally, the design of second life packaging is implemented to increase the chances of reusing the single-use packaging.
  • The round case packaging can not only optimize the protection for the brushes, but easily transform itself into a coin bank after untying the ribbon.
  • In the new sustainable packaging trend, the environmental awareness of a brand can be perfectly conveyed by the second life packaging, which make consumers interact more with the packaging and the connection to the brand image is deepened at the same time.⠀

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Kraft Paper - Tube Packaging

makes your products standing out in retail stores.

With the increasing environmental awareness, consumers are willing to choose a product with sustainable packaging.
The packaging made of paper is the best option for you.

Kraft paper - 

is a sustainable packaging solution.
Unlike normal white paper, kraft paper doesn't involve intensive bleaching, which decreases the paper's strength and retains its natural look.

Kraft paper bamboo paper packaging

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eco packaging manufacturer

eco packaging manufacturer

eco packaging manufacturer

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Kraft Paper - Tube Packaging

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