Sunglasses Box

Foldable Sunglasses Case

  • Item #
  • Dimension
    W160 x H65 x D65 mm
  • Printing
    4 Color Printing (Customized)
  • Material
    Kraft Paper
  • Coating
Sunglasses Box

Kraft paper Sunglasses Box










Foldable glasses case functions outstandingly as a lightweight and portable packaging.
♻️ By using FSC Certified craft paper, we design foldable glasses cases that are 100% biodegradable.
From structure to graphic design in its simplicity, the fonts and slogan are gently infused with the spirit of nature.
♻️By using the soy-based ink to print the single-color design.

▶︎The triangle design on the sides enables the customers to unfold the box in flat effortlessly and store it in bags anytime.⠀

▶︎High-strength cardboard is used in the inner layers, making the packaging not only light but protective.⠀


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