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    4 Color Printing (Customized)
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    Kraft paper
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Kraft paper bag
  • Kraft Paper Bag

Kraft paper is a sustainable packaging solution. Unlike normal white paper, kraft paper doesn't involve intensive bleaching, which decreases the paper's strength and retains its natural look.
Moreover, without bleaching, the kraft paper saves energy for the planet. It’s very suitable for you to make sustainable sunglasses packaging.

Kinghome’s custom kraft paper packaging uses sustainable material. Our kraft paper bag provides professional custom packaging service.

♻️ By using FSC Certified kraft paper, we design glasses cases that are 100% biodegradable.
From structure to graphic design in its simplicity, the fonts and slogan are gently infused with the spirit of nature.
♻️By using soy-based ink to print the single-color design.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Well constructed with twist handles. No stray glue anywhere and the solid bottoms can make it stand alone easily.
  • DURABLE DIY PAPER GIFT BAGS: These bags are perfect for craft and DIY. Printed and embellished as you may wish. Personalize the bags to make them uniquely yours. Print your own business logo and use them as retail carry bags.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Great for goodie bags, favor bags, shopping bags, gift bags, kraft bags, retail bags, merchandise bags and standard paper bags.
  • 100% Recyclable and Compostable
  • Square Bottom For Easy Stand Up
  • Benefits of Kinghome’s Custom Kraft Paper Packaging

As a printing and packaging company, Kinghome has over 30-year experience in producing packaging.
Aware of the pollution closely connected to packaging industry, we are committed to contributing to the industry and developing many more sustainable alternatives and kraft paper sunglasses box.

We joined FSC, in order to ensure the source of our paper has responsible management of the world’s forests.
We are also certified by GRS, a global NPO examines the recycled material production procedure, and offers 100% post-consumer recycled paper. In addition, we use soy-based ink and 100% recyclable water-based coating for our production.

We, as Kinghome Printing, consider environment into our long-term decision making and we invite you to join us.

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