What is Recycled Material? Different Types of Recycled Paper

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There are about 20 tons of waste generated globally per year, with 60% of which can be recycled and reused. Solutions to protecting the environment are urgently needed. Among all, recycling system is absolutely one of the effective ways to reduce environmental pollution. Through the recycling system, resources can be reused at least twice, contributing to a sustainable future.

Recycling resources are separated into:
Post-Industry Recycled (PIR) / Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

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PIR is the waste generated from the manufacturing process reclaimed or used again in the same material.  

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PCR is the waste created by the end-user, after the product has accomplished its end of use.


In comparison, PIR is easier to be conducted than PCR because during the recycling process, a mixture of different materials will increase the difficulty of the processing.This is exactly what happens to PCR recycling process, where sorting and screening will take a lot of time and costs.
As a result, to ensure the quality of PCR material and to elevate the efficiency of the recycling system, it highly depends on the governmental policies and the work from each one of us.


 Recycled Paper

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Our everyday life is closely connected with paper, such as the tableware for dining, document at work, magazines for reading, parcels from online shopping and the packaging in stores. Paper is everywhere.

However, do you know these paper should be recycled differently?

To guarantee the efficiency of recycling, it is very important to sort and make sure the paper is clean enough. Impurities and contaminants will affect the quality and increase the handling costs. You and we can do more from the beginning.

Let’s step in and be a cornerstone in the recycling process.


Paper Recycling Progress

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A ton of recycled paper can reduce cutting down 20 trees and 5.8 tons of carbon emission.

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Using the packaging made from recycled paper conserves resources during manufacturing, leading to less pollution and finally realizing the circular economy. It makes the waste paper reused in a sustainable cycle to protect the precious Earth we all live on.