Hair Brush Packaging – Le Léger Comb Set

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2021.08.03 – Hair Brush Packaging

Hair Brush Packaging Visual Design

This time we are publishing a package design series for #widecomb and #tailcomb. We made our design both out-standing and appealing to assure our customers distinguish these two products easily. We selected the classic combination of complementary colors, Orange and Blue.

#Cantaloupe – PANTONE 15-1239 TPG
In Psychology, people often describe Orange as bright, creative, and healing. Among all kinds of Orange, Cantaloupe not only tends to be energetic and joyful, but also resonates with the happiness and creativity that freedom brings.

#FrenchBlue – PANTONE 18-4140 TCX
Unlike the other common Blues, a group of colors which is always perceived as too elegant and calm, French Blue shares the energy and romance from the sunshine in Paris, bright, relaxing and elegant.

Brushing our hair every morning might seem boring and repetitive; nevertheless; it does help us to clean and organize not only our hair style but also our thoughts. With every gentle brush, we wake up softly and focus ourselves on a whole new day.

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Eco-Friendly Material of Hair Brush Packaging

We understand comb is a product that has close contact with our scalps. Not only the product but also the package should be environment-friendly and provide a natural gentle sensation on the skin; therefore, we selected soy ink and bamboo paper as the main materials.

Compared to traditional ink, soy ink features in bright and high saturation colors, which makes it the best ink option for our prime colors choice, #Cantaloupe and #FrenchBlue. Moreover, soy ink is a standard alternative in environment-friendly manufacturing processes due to its fast decomposable and recyclable nature.

The apple pie box shape gives its adorable appearance. It is the perfect choice for both gift and personal use. Bamboo paper features a strong fabric, which protects the box from misshaping. Additionally it is a particularly useful material in environment-friendly manufacturing processes due to its short-term growth period.

Shall our design provide you a delightful and friendlier environment experience.

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