Makeup Brush Packaging – ReForm

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2021.07 – Makeup Brush Packaging

KINGHOME’s makeup brush packaging design ReForm has been awarded with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021.

Visual design

ReForm sets revolutionizes and redefines the makeup brush packaging which embodies the practicality and recyclability at the same time.

While keeping sustainability in mind, functions cannot be overlooked. The packaging could effectively provide intact protection and create the second life of packaging; that is, a simple transformation from a portable outer box to a display for brushes.



♲Reuse the waste. ReForm the future.

Million tons of plastic waste flows into the ocean every year. It brings about great destruction to the environment. Seeing the plastic pollution is closely connected to packaging industry, we are committed to developing sustainable alternatives.

To reach our goal, reusable packaging design and post-consumer recycled paper are a must. Recycled paper helps preserve forests by cutting down on the demand of woods. Concurrently, it conserves resources during manufacturing, leading to less pollution and finally realize the circular economy.

We hope to inspire the spirit of sustainability through the materials and designs of ReForm.

Makeup Brush Packaging – ReForm

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