Makeup Brush Packaging – Makeup Brush Round Case


2021.07 – Makeup Brush Packaging

Makeup Brush Packaging Visual design

Kraft paper in the color of Tieguanyin milk tea exquisitely draws attention to the paper texture.⠀

Exuberant leaves and branches have grown in the warm grey color become the highlight on every brush. The highlight also symbolizes the soft bristles that give makeup application the perfect touch. Finished with the misty white cloud, Tieguanyin smoothly blends in the milk tea.


Makeup Brush Packaging Material

To maintain the stiffness of the round case, we choose to use recycled grey cardboard and environmental kraft paper for our packaging to present the original texture and the details of the material.

In printing, the soy ink and the minimum printing area are adopted. With the kraft paper material as the background color, we implement the simplest decorative patterns and relaxing colors to take care of the visual design as well as the idea of sustainability.


Packaging Function

In addition to opting for the kraft paper as the material, functionally, the design of second life packaging is implemented to increase the chances of reusing the single-use packaging.

The round case packaging can not only optimize the protection for the brushes, but easily transform itself into a coin bank after untying the ribbon.

In the new sustainable packaging trend, the environmental awareness of a brand can be perfectly conveyed by the second life packaging, which makes consumers interact more with the packaging and the connection to the brand image is deepened at the same time.⠀

Makeup Brush Round Case

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