The Uses and Benefits of Bamboo Paper

bamboo paper

2022.06.14 – The Uses and Benefits of Bamboo Paper

Why is Bamboo Paper Sustainable? 

Speaking of paper materials, trees are always the first that comes to our minds.

Trees are powerful at withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere but unfortunately, acres of rainforests are logged and disappear every minute.

Under this circumstance, bamboo is the perfect sustainable material alternative.

“Bamboo Paper Sustainability”

Why is bamboo sustainable?

Bamboo grows fast and can be more efficient at sequester carbon dioxide. It’s the perfect eco-friendly alternative material.

Bamboo paper can be recycled along with paper made from trees.

It also has the following characteristics of such sustainable material.

Two Reasons Tell You Why Bamboo Paper is Good

  • Rapidly Renewable

bamboo paper

Bamboo is grasses, not hardwoods, and it is one of the fastest-growing grasses on earth.

An average bamboo plant can grow up to 24 inches a day.

In comparison, hardwoods like oak trees take at least forty years until they can be harvested.

Generally, bamboo reaches maturity in an average of 3 years.

Due to bamboo’s deep root system, replanting is not necessary.

Once the bamboo is cut, the stem is left and the bamboo can grow back in just 3-4 months.

  • Carbon Dioxide Absorption

bamboo paper

Bamboo can be a tool for large-scale carbon storage.

Bamboo’s ability to store carbon extends to durable products, which lock carbon in for the extent of their lifespan.

Unlike trees that are usually clear cut, the regular and selective harvesting of bamboo doesn’t kill the plant nor damage the ecosystem, and below-ground carbon in the soil and rhizome is not emitted as the bamboo forest continues to live after harvest.

The Uses of Bamboo Paper

Bamboo paper belongs to long fiber paper.

Paper with long fiber has good strength, making it not easy to be bent.

Compared with other paper materials which has the same grammage, bamboo paper is much stronger and solider.

Bamboo paper is perfect for making packaging, especially boxes.

bamboo paper

Bamboo paper has a rough and matte texture, making it suitable for the printed packaging made for high-priced products as well as products with natural brand images.

Many of Kinghome’s customers have developed a series of bamboo products like makeup brushes and hair brushes.

Bamboo packaging is proper for bamboo products because it brilliantly matches the products to the brand images.

Bamboo paper makeup sponge box

Bamboo Paper Supplier – KH Pack

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Founded in 1988, Kinghome started in Taiwan with the mission of producing high quality prints and delivering outstanding packaging accessories.

Our goal is to bring your ideas to life and make your brand vision to reality.

We joined FSC, a global NPO dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide, in order to ensure the source of our paper has responsible management of the world’s forests.

We are also certified by GRS, a global NPO examines the recycled material production procedure, and offers 100% post-consumer recycled paper. In addition, we use soy-based ink and 100% recyclable water-based coating for our production.

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Eco-friendly packaging not only fulfills the customers’ environmental obligation but also boosts a brand’s image.

This is because it shows that you care about your environment and corporate responsibility.

Let us eliminate plastic packaging together and let eco-friendly packaging replace plastic packaging for good.

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Eco-Friendly Paper Material Alternatives

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The packaging is an essential component of the product.

We create and manufacture the most innovative custom packaging solutions through good design, high manufacturing quality, and intelligent co-packing services.

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