Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

Introduction of Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

– 2022.05.31 – Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

Among all, recycling system is absolutely one of the effective ways to reduce environmental pollution.

Through the recycling system, resources can be reused at least twice, contributing to a sustainable future.

Now we want to let you know what is recycled material and introduce the different types of recycled paper.

Bamboo Paper

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Bamboo paper belongs to long fiber paper. Paper with long fiber has good strength, making it not easy to be bent.

Compared with other paper materials which has the same grammage, bamboo paper is much stronger and solider.

Bamboo paper is perfect for making packaging, especially boxes.

Kraft Paper

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Kraft paper can be used in many product packaging, and composed of long-fibers, and is equipped with high strength.

Consequently, it is recommended to use kraft paper for box packaging and display to provide the best protection.

Kraft paper shows impurities and coarse texture, which is highly suitable for natural-themed product lines.

With packaging made of kraft paper, the brand image can be tightly bonded with the brand spirit.

Recycled PE Bags

Eco Friendly Packaging Materials Sustainable Packaging Solutions Eco Friendly Packaging Materials Sustainable Packaging Solutions

PE Bag is one of the most common packaging material for product.

It’s transparent, soft and good durability.

Thickness : 0.03 – 0.08mm

We provide both 100% post-production and post-consumer rPE bag.

Make your packaging more sustainable.

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Eco Friendly Packaging Materials

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