How does a eco-friendly packaging supplier make your packaging more sustainable?

eco-friendly packaging supplier

2022.06.14 – How does a eco-friendly packaging supplier make your packaging more sustainable?

How to make your packaging more sustainable?

Due to the worsening of plastic pollution all over the globe, retailers are switching to eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Eco-friendly packaging is also known as sustainable packaging.

Eco-friendly packaging is any packaging that can be biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, non-toxic, and made from recycled materials.

eco-friendly packaging supplier

Eco-friendly packaging supplier offer solutions aim to:

  • Reduce the amount of product packaging
  • Using renewable/reusable materials
  • Reduce packaging-related expenses
  • Eliminate the use of toxic materials in the packaging production

eco-friendly packaging supplier

Based on the previously mentioned solutions, one of our clients from Europe asked us to change their packaging to a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.

We changed the packaging material to FSC-certified paper and reduced the use of plastic materials.

eco-friendly packaging supplier

As a Eco-friendly packaging supplier

We chose to change the OPP bag and PET box to a reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable FSC-certified paper box without a PET window.

Since there would be possible concerns over anti-theft functions if the packaging is without a window,
we also designed an inner card to fix the product, so there is no need to use a PET window, and the product can also pack in eco-friendly packaging.

We strive to reduce the usage amount of plastic without reducing the exposed area of the product so that consumers can clearly see the product in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

Eco-friendly packaging supplier – KH Pack

About us…

Founded in 1988, Kinghome started in Taiwan with the mission of producing high quality prints and delivering outstanding packaging accessories.

Our goal is to bring your ideas to life and make your brand vision to reality.

We joined FSC, a global NPO dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide, in order to ensure the source of our paper has responsible management of the world’s forests.

We are also certified by GRS, a global NPO examines the recycled material production procedure, and offers 100% post-consumer recycled paper. In addition, we use soy-based ink and 100% recyclable water-based coating for our production.

Eco-friendly packaging not only fulfills the customers’ environmental obligation but also boosts a brand’s image.

This is because it shows that you care about your environment and corporate responsibility.

Let us eliminate plastic packaging together and let eco-friendly packaging replace plastic packaging for good.

The Advantage of Eco-friendly packaging supplier

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Eco-Friendly Paper Material Alternatives

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eco packaging manufacturer

The packaging is an essential component of the product.

We create and manufacture the most innovative custom packaging solutions through good design, high manufacturing quality, and intelligent co-packing services.


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Eco friendly packaging supplier

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