PLASTIC-FREE: Transitioning from PP Stripe to Paper Stripe

PLASTIC-FREE:  Transitioning from PP Stripe to Paper Stripe

2022.08.10 – Eco Packaging Solutions Manufacturer – PLASTIC-FREE

Eco Packaging Solutions Manufacturer –

PLASTIC-FREE: Transitioning from PP Stripe to Paper Stripe

In hypermarkets, we often see featured products hung on a stripe on the aisles to increase exposure,

so that more customers can spot the products for promotional purposes.

However, most of the stripes were made of plastic instead of paper.

Do you know paper stripes are not as fragile as you think?

In fact, sustainable paper stripes can be as durable as plastic materials.

Eco Packaging Solutions Manufacturer – Efforts in Sustainability Transition

  • Thicken the Recycled Paper Material

Stability is always the first concern speaking of paper materials.

To increase the stability of the sustainable paper stripe, the recycled paper is adopted in 1.05mm.

Eco Packaging Solutions Manufacturer - PLASTIC-FREE

  • Die-cut Optimization: Getting Rid of Plastic

By optimizing the sustainable paper stripe die-cut, we successfully fix the product on the eco-friendly paper stripe without involving any plastics.

First, the hanging area is enlarged to provide balanced surface tension. The optimization also benefits the stability of the sustainable paper stripes.

In addition, the paper stripes do not require any additional assembly of plastic hooks which not only reduces the use of plastic but also effectively cuts down on the time of the assembly process.

Eco Packaging Solutions Manufacturer - PLASTIC-FREE

  • 3R Cycle

The Eco-friendly paper stripes can boost the 3R Cycle.

By reducing the use of plastic, the paper stripes can be reused and recycled many times.

The sustainable paper stripes help form a good environmental continuous cycle.

With the growing global awareness of plastic pollution, the single-use plastic ban is widely implemented around the globe.

The endeavors to reduce plastics and to increase the reusability of paper materials are necessary for a sustainable future.

Let’s start from the in-store POS sustainable paper stripe to promote the “green” sales.

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