Hair Curlers Packaging Supplier – Switching To Sustainable Packaging

Hair Curlers Packaging Supplier

2022.10.26 – Hair Curlers Packaging Supplier – Switching To Sustainable Packaging

Switching To Sustainable Packaging – Hair Curlers Paper Packaging

Hair Curlers Packaging Supplier (Paper Packaging)

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to be an expensive or inefficient option for your business.

As it has increasingly become an expectation on behalf of consumers, you can not only do your part for the planet but create a key selling point for your brand.

As a sector that will definitely grow in the coming years, more exciting innovations await!


  • 100% Plastic to 100% Paper

Compared with plastic packaging, paper can be printed easily and is also suitable for branding an eco-friendly and sustainable company image.

We change the plastic packaging to an FSC-certified paper box to make the packaging more sustainable.

We suggest FSC-certified paper as the option for our client because Forest Stewardship Council ensures any wood-based products, like cardboard boxes, are made from sustainably sourced forests.

In addition, sustainable product packaging coupled with sustainable package design is a potent combination.

These characteristics can be a great way to set the company brand above competitors.

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  • Without PET window

Sustainability often goes hand in hand with cost reductions if it is implemented at the design stage to reduce packaging size and material use.

The FSC-certified paper box without a PET window can not only reduce the use of plastic, but also display the product to consumers directly.

With an open and customized window cut-out, it’s no need to worry about the curlers being taken out.

What’s better, consumers can touch the curlers easily when they are looking for their ideal product.

Hair Curlers Packaging

  • 3Rs – Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

We make the packaging of hair curlers different!

The hair curlers are usually packed in plastic, but we use the FSC-certified paper and open window as the brand-new eco-friendly packaging solution.

The sustainable paper box can not only reduce the use of plastic but also help the consumers reuse the sustainable paper box to store the hair curlers.

The sustainable box can also be recycled and returned to the continuous cycle.

Suggestion from a Hair Curlers Packaging Supplier

Sustainable packaging is an ongoing process.

It’s a journey, but a very exciting one!

Let’s give our next generation the Earth that’s sustainable for them to enjoy!

Think Sustainable Packaging. Discover KingHome.

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