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Packaging Supplier Printer2022.10.25 -Packaging Supplier and Printer With More Sustainable Way

Let’s Pack in a More Sustainable Way!

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Considering the worsening plastic pollution across the globe, retailers are calling for sustainable packaging solutions.

Sustainable packaging has also stirred hype among consumers who are aware of the damaging impacts of plastic waste on the environment.

One of KingHome’s clients from Europe decided to get rid of the old plastic packaging by adopting new sustainable packaging.

The client entrusted KingHome to help them make a major transformation of the plastic packaging.

We customized the packaging relaunch and suggested changing from plastic blister to eco-friendly paper packaging.

On the Road to Sustainability

Based on the sustainability request from our client, we made the following changes to the original packaging:

  • Switch to Paper Packaging

To reduce the use of plastic, we changed the original plastic blister packaging into sustainable paper packaging.

By optimizing the eco-friendly packaging die-cut, we successfully fixed the products such as hair clips and hair ties on the eco-friendly paper card without involving any single-use plastic cable ties.

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  • 3Rs – Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

The rubber bands are usually packed in a single-use plastic bag, but we make it different!

We use the FSC-certified paper and rPE window as the brand-new sustainable packaging solution for rubber bands.

The sustainable paper box can not only reduce the use of the single-use plastic bag but also help the consumers reuse the sustainable paper box as a box to store the rubber bands.

After the rubber bands are used up, the box can be recycled and returned to the continuous cycle.

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  • Innovation on Die-cut

We worked hard to simplify the die-cut by designing an universal die-cut and applying to all the products.

It creates a more consistent look in store since less die-cuts are split.

Products in the sustainable packaging easily stand out from the competition and pique the interest of the consumers.

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Suggestion from a Packaging Supplier and Printer

Taking on an eco-mindset and translating it into your packaging design is good for your brand.

Sustainable packaging can help brand owners increase their net sales by 2 to 4 percent.

More and more consumers who’re coming to patronize businesses with a palpable concern for the environment will value eco-friendly packaging as a part of the entire brand experience.

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