Product Display in Retail Store – Counter Display

Product Display

Product display in retail store is the first point of contact between customer and product.
Setting up retail product display for your brand can be lot of fun — and lot of work.
Retailers have strict size specifications for displays in order to make the best use of available space.

Counter Display

(On the shelves | Beside registers)

  • Mostly placed on the shelves, beside registers in the retail store and pharmacy.
  • A desktop display can quickly adjust to store space constraints.
  • Because the assembly is simple, displays may effectively encourage product sales.

Product Display Counter Custom Sustainable Packaging Box

Kinghome – Sustainable Packaging Supplier

With over thirty years of experience and knowledge about product display in retail stores:

  • Kinghome is proud to offer market-approved displays to present our customers’ products in a professional and organized manner.
  • Kinghome offers 100% custom multi-material POP display solutions and co-packing services to brands and retailers.

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We can help you produce your Retail POP Display and kit packing your products & assemble displays.
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