Sunglass Packaging Ideas: 4 Custom Boxes Packaging Design

Sunglass Packaging Ideas: 4 Custom Boxes Packaging Design

4 Popular Sunglass Packaging Ideas Introduction:

Sunglass packaging ideas can help you design attractive sunglass packaging. An attractive sunglass packaging can boost your sales, whether it’s sold in a retail store or an online shop. What we are constantly pursuing is a good packaging that not only has the protection of the product use but can also clearly express the brand concept to consumers. 4 sunglass packaging ideas can let you clearly express the brand concept.

Foldable Sunglass Case

sunglass packaging ideas1: foldable sunglass case The first sunglass packaging idea is “Foldable Sunglass Case”. Instead of producing sunglass cases made from PU and leather, KINGHOME breathes sustainability into the packaging. Foldable sunglass case functions outstandingly as a lightweight and portable packaging.

The triangle folding design on the sides enables the customers to flatten the box effortlessly and make it ready to be carried around anytime. High-strength cardboard is used as the inner layers, making the packaging not only light but also protective.

By adopting FSC-certified kraft paper, we design 100% recyclable and biodegradable foldable sunglass cases. Both the structure and the graphic design are simplicity itself. Not only that, the fonts and slogan are inspired by the spirit of nature.


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Sunglass Pillow Box

The second sunglass packaging idea is sunglass pillow box. Pillow box serves as one of the best options for low-and-mid-priced sunglasses. It is cost-effective in production, transportation, and the final assembling. You can easily customize the size and designs on the sunglass packaging to promote your product and the brand.

In addition, the efficient box structure allows pillow box to be shipped in flat, saving you huge shipping and warehousing costs. After the delivery to your sunglass manufacturers, the workers can assemble the sunglass pillow boxes efficiently to reduce labor costs.

Our sunglass pillow box design consists of a big rPET window that can make the product visible and catch your customers’ eyes at the POS. We use FSC-certified C1S material (single side coated paper) and recycled PET window to enhance sustainability. The sunglass pillow box provides sufficient space to put the graphic designs. On top of the printing design, you can choose a matt or gloss finishing to complement the box.
If you would like to communicate a message from your brand and put it under the spotlight, you can apply further processing such as UV spot lacquer, hot foil stamping, embossing, or debossing on the designs. The special processing will instantly highlight the brand message.


Pillow Temple Tag

The third sunglass packaging idea is wherever you sell your sunglasses, either in retail stores or online shops, an individual product label is always needed. Most of the low-and-mid-priced sunglasses use the sticker temple tag as its label. KINGHOME offers a different and fantastic solution for you – Pillow Temple Tag.

Pillow temple tag can bring out the attractive layout and refine the packaging with versatile further processing on various paper materials. The temple tag is no longer limited to the sticker material. Instead, you can choose every different kind of paper you prefer, from art paper, kraft paper, bamboo paper, to recycled paper that are available.

To prevent the pillow temple tag from falling off from the sunglasses’ temple, we add two rubber dots inside the pillow temple tag to reinforce the stability.

The sunglass pillow tag can improve visual merchandising in stores and solve the inconvenience of trying on glasses. Pillow tag is a popular solution to every brand from high to low-and-mid priced sunglasses. It can be applied in both retail stores and online shops. You can completely customize your own tag and raise your product value with the pillow temple tag.

sunglass packaging ideas3: Pillow Tagsunglass packaging ideas3: Temple Tag

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E-Commerce Mailer Box

sunglass packaging ideas4: E-Commerce Mailer Box After talking about three sunglass packaging ideas, the last one is E-Commerce mailer box.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and hit every country all over the world, e-commerce sales have been triggered and boomed rapidly amid the crisis. People reduce the number of visits to retail stores. Instead, they spend more time shopping on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, the packaging for e-commerce delivery becomes more and more important to us.

The mailer box is the key to sunglass sales on the internet. By using durable corrugated cardboard, the mailer box protects your product securely during the shipment to the end customers. The corrugated cardboard is of low costs, lightweight and provides great strength at the same time. Moreover, cardboard has excellent printability. What’s better, corrugated cardboard is made from recycled materials. As a result, it has been widely used in response to environmental protection topics in recent years.

To improve the customer experience, we suggest adding surprising elements inside the sunglass mailer box. Customers always await with expectations to unpack the shipping box when the parcel is delivered. We can customize your design and print the box with different colors on the inside.

Customize your mailer box, boost your online sales, and make your customers WOW!


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