Four Sustainable Packaging Solutions to a Better Future

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2022.02.25 – Sustainable Packaging Solutions

When it comes to packaging, in addition to the budget, retailers and suppliers must take the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the packaging into consideration and regard them as important factors.

The following are the four sustainable packaging solutions we would like to share with you to make the packaging more eco-friendly.

Sustainable Packaging Solution

1. Reduce unnecessary packaging materials

Nowadays, cable ties and polybags are often used as packaging materials. However, it causes more waste when unnecessary packaging materials are widely used. To avoid this kind of situation, we need to reduce or remove unnecessary packaging materials as much as possible. In the meanwhile, the packaging must retain protection as the main function.

Kinghome is dedicated to improving the protectiveness of the packaging in an eco-friendly way when cooperating with our clients. Based on the materials and the shape of the products, we provide various suitable inlay designs that can hold the product well. When the packaging itself can secure and fit the product perfectly, unnecessary packaging materials can be removed.


2. Maximize the use of sustainable packaging materials

How packaging can be considered eco-friendly mainly depends on whether a packaging uses sustainable or recycled materials. Using sustainable or recycled material can extend the circulation time of materials, implement the circulation of materials, and further create a sustainable packaging recycling economy.

Regarding sustainable or recycled material for packaging, our customers can opt for the following options provided by Kinghome.
> FSC certified paper material
> Recycled paper material


3. Use eco-friendly ink for printing

Traditional petroleum-based ink emits VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are harmful to the environment. On the other hand, soy-based ink is an eco-friendly option.

It is a renewable source, which can be washed off from paper and cardboard during the recycling process easily. In addition, soy-based ink can show a vivid color effect, and thus it can bring out the design well. As sustainable packaging becomes the mainstream, eco-friendly ink turns out to be more and more popular.


4. Packaging with a second life

One of the main reasons that the packaging causes a large amount of waste is that most of the packaging is only used once. As soon as a product arrives at its destination, the packaging completes its mission and hence it will be discarded. Therefore, packaging that can provide a second life purpose can reduce waste effectively and make the packaging more eco-friendly.

For example, the PDQ in the photo below can serve as a shipping carton.4 Sustainable Packaging Solutions






Environmental issues impose a major impact on business worldwide. More and more companies around the world are looking for different approaches to reducing the carbon footprint. In the meanwhile, more and more consumers with environmental awareness have claimed that using eco-friendly packaging can improve a company’s image and brand loyalty.

That is to say, using eco-friendly packaging has a positive impact on the environment, the business as well as customers.