Pallet Displays

We provide Full, Half and Quarter Pallet Displays.
Pallet displays are
mostly placed and combined with other half pallet displays on the action alley in the retail store, such as Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Aldi… etc.

A pallet display is designed in fixed, globally complied sizes to fit in containers, beneficial to the international shipment.

As a promotional pallet display, it provides sufficient space for graphic and structural design. It is commonly seen in retailers when selling products in large volume.

Benefits of Pallet Displays

Kinghome’s pallet display has many features. Retailers have strict size specifications for displays so as to maximize the greatest use of space. With thirty years of experience and expertise, Kinghome proudly provides market-approved displays to efficiently present our customers’ products in a professional and organized way.

The retail display can be one set of flat packing, assembled packing, Half-assembled packing with your products. Do the service in Kinghome warehouse can help you save 51% of warehouse cost and 75% of labor costs. Our custom pallet displays can be placed & combined with other pallet displays in the store.

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