Trapped Blister

Trapped blister packaging has the benefit of both protecting and displaying a product. Our custom trapped blister packaging box is good for the season items.

While securing a package may imply layers of packaging or other complicated designs, trapped blister packaging is the best solution for you.

Trapped blister can protect your product properly during transportation.

We have in-house design team tasked with creating professional trapped blister packaging solutions for you.

As a trapped blister packaging service provider, we aim to create a more comprehensive sustainable packaging in the future. We are determined to make the best use of the packaging and to bring out our brand value of protecting the Earth.

We, Kinghome Printing, always include the environment factors into our long-term decision-making process and we invite you to join us.

Factory certification:ISO9001. BSCI. Disney FAMA.

Our factory is certified with ISO9001 to consistently provide products and services that meet the quality management system. The BSCI and FAMA certification authorized by Disney show that we are committed to promoting the protection of social standards and providing a safe, corporate workplace where human rights are respected.

Sustainable material certification:FSC. GRS.

We provide FSC and GRS certified products. We ensure our customers the products come from responsibly forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. Our products made of recycled materials are verified by the GRS to guarantee the recycled content.

Sport glasses blister cards for Costco full pallet displays. This packaging is especially suitable for Hypermarket. Customers can see the sport glasses clearly through the PET blister. You can display the packaging on a PDQ and on hangsell displays both.