• Item #
  • Dimension
  • Printing
    4 Color Printing (Customized)
  • Material
    White single face corrugated cardboard
  • Coating
    Gloss / Matt
gamer girl hair tie pack


gamer girl hair tie pack

Visual Design – Illuminating x Ultimate Gray

The product design fits home staying workers and gaming girls. The joyful warm smiley face is drawn in an 8-bit classic vintage game style from the 80s. We use the Pantone Colors of this year – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. Two independent colors highlighting the Taiwanese team spirit during the pandemic since early May.

Illuminating? not only brings warmth and optimism but also matches how all Taiwanese citizens cooperate staying at home in order to stop the pandemic. Meanwhile, the practical and solid aura that Ultimate Gray? displays resemble the tenacious attitude and tireless effort given by the front line.

Material – Single face corrugated cardboard

We selected white single face corrugated cardboard as the main material. Thanks to its corrugated character, it provides quite a firm grip for you to store your hair ties. Meanwhile, the gear-like shape matches not only the 8-bit classic vintage game style from the 80s but also the team spirit from the 2021 Pantone Colors, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. Everyone is vital for the big society.

Single face corrugated cardboard is a widespread material for packages and buffers. Those small knurls prevent the product wear from friction. Moreover, if used wisely, it makes a perfect decoration, just like our charming design.


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