From PET Plastic Packaging to Sustainable Packaging Materials

Plastic Packaging to Sustainable Packaging Materials

2022.06.29 – From PET Plastic Packaging to Sustainable Packaging Materials

From PET Plastic Packaging to Sustainable Packaging Materials

Since the environmental awareness of global companies has been improved,

many companies have started to make their product and packaging more sustainable and build up the image of eco-friendly companies.

Our recent client from Europe used 100% PET boxes as their previous product packaging.

They decided to switch to sustainable packaging instead of PET packaging, so we recommended eco-friendly kraft paper, famous for no added bleach.

Due to the consideration of sustainability and the printing design,

our client finally decided to use the white recycled paper as the material of their brand-new paper packaging, which is sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Based on the sustainability request from our client, we made the following changes to the original PET packaging:

1. Change 100% PET packaging to sustainable packaging materials such as paper

Compared with PET packaging, paper can be printed easily and is also suitable for branding eco-friendly and sustainable company image.

2. Use the Sustainable Packaging Materials – rPET window 

The rPET gives the PET a second life. It is a strong, flexible, lightweight, chemical-resistant, and a sustainable packaging.

These recycled materials(rPET) pose no health concerns for humans and for the Earth.

3. No single-use plastic cable ties are required

Originally the product will be tied to a card without using single-use plastic cable ties.

Using the paper inlay card to fix the product makes it an eco-friendly way to fix the product without using any plastic.

4. Euro-hole positioned in the back

Positioning the euro hole in the back can use the space of displaying to the extreme. Therefore, it can show more products on the shelves in the shops.

Sustainable Packaging Materials Sustainable Packaging Materials

Consumers are highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging, so they are willing to pay more for green.

The labeled sustainable packaging or eco-friendly packaging will influence consumers’ decisions.

If you want your products to be eye-catching among many products in a shop, sustainable packaging is definitely be the top priority for your products.

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