Cardboard Displays in Retail Store: The Effective Types of Promotion

Product Display in Retail Store: The Effective Types of Promotion

2021.03 – Cardboard Displays in Retail Store

Cardboard Displays in Retail Store Introduction:

6 types of product display in retail store

Product display in retail store is the first point of contact between customer and product. Setting up retail product display for your brand can be lot of fun — and lot of work. 
Retailers have strict size specifications for displays in order to make the best use of available space.
In this article, we will discuss various retail POP cardboard displays and how they fit into retail store.
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With over thirty years of experience and knowledge about product display in retail stores:

  • Kinghome is proud to offer market-approved displays to present our customers’ products in a professional and organized manner.
  • Kinghome offers 100% custom multi-material POP display solutions and co-packing services to brands and retailers.


Retail display definition & meaning

A retail display unit is used to present or promote an offer to customers. Any in-store, shopper, or trade marketing strategy focuses on the appearance and communication objectives of retail display, among other things. Product display in retail store is frequently the first point of contact between brand products and customers.

A POP display is a self-contained product presentation that draws attention to its location.
Freestanding or stand-alone displays are essential components of any in-store marketing or merchandising strategy. They have been meticulously designed to stand out on the shop floor.


Different types of Cardboard Displays in retail store

In general, product display in retail stores separate displays into the following categories based on the sizes and functions.

Types Place Description

Pallet Display

On the action alley

Full Pallets for Glasses

We provide Full, Half and Quarter Pallet Displays.

  • A pallet display is designed in fixed, globally complied sizes to fit in containers, beneficial to the international shipment.
  • When selling huge quantities of merchandise, businesses frequently use pallet displays.
  • Mostly placed on the action alley in the retail store, such as Walmart, Costco…etc.
  • It has enough area for visual and structural design as a promotional pallet display.

Floor Display

On the action alley
Side of endcaps
Side of shelves4-Side Retail Floor Display
We create 1,2,3,4 sides floor Displays.

  • A floor display can be used with great versatility.
  • Mostly placed on the action alley, side of endcaps, side of shelves in the retail store and pharmacy.
  • Sizes and shapes can be accommodated in stores based on the available space.
  • Floor display raises brand recognition and distinguishes your products in retail locations.

Counter Display

On the shelves
Beside registersRetail Cardboard Counter Display
We create different shapes of creative Desktop.

  • Mostly placed on the shelves, beside registers in the retail store and pharmacy.
  • A desktop display can quickly adjust to store space constraints.
  • Because the assembly is simple, displays may effectively encourage product sales.


Side of shelves
Side of endcaps
Beside registersSidekicks for Glasses-05
We create different sizes of Displays.

  • Mostly placed on the side of shelves, side of endcaps, beside registers in the retail store and pharmacy.
  • Sidekicks are commonly used in seasonal promotions to highlight special offers and to encourage impulse purchases.

Clip Strip

Side of shelves
Side of endcaps
Beside registersClip strips for Glasses-07
We create different functions Clip Strips.

  • Clip strips can help you make the most of your store’s space, whether it’s on the sides of shelves or near the counters.
  • Clip strips will be used to offer clients with product instructions and important information.


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